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Hydraulic Water Oil Cooler

  • The tube stack is fully floating so that thermal stresses are minimised and it can be easily removed should cleaning be necessary.
  • Bowman has added to its range of hydraulic oil coolers with the launch of the new ‘RK hydraulic oil cooler’ shown above, this now extends the maximum heat load capacity up to 1MW.

Marine Heat Exchanger

There are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines they are Direct cooling, Heat exchanger cooling and Keel cooling.

  • Direct cooling of the cylinders and heads by sea water is unsatisfactory, because the engine – which was probably originally designed for radiator cooling – will run too cold and the sea water will eventually ruin the cylinder block and heads.
  • Heat exchanger cooling is the most common method, the sea water being isolated in components which can be designed to withstand its corrosive affect. The closed fresh-water circuit can be thermostatically controlled so that the engine operates at its designed temperature.
  • Keel cooling is suitable for small boats operating in shallow weedy water, but the need for pipework external to the hull is a severe limitation.
  • Bowman header tank heat exchangers prevent aeration of the engine water circuit.
  • Bowman gearbox oil and engine oil coolers are used on the suction side of the sea water pump.
  • Bowman heat exchangers and exhaust manifolds are used on the discharge side of the engine.
  • All Bowman Heat Exchangers use high-quality products incorporating both the best materials and the latest technical features that have become world known for building a quality and reliable product.

Hydraulic Air Oil Cooler

The correct working temperature produces a number of economic and environmental benefits:

  • The hydraulic system’s useful life is extended.
  • The oil’s useful life is extended.
  • The hydraulic system’s availability increases – more operating time and fewer shudivowns.
  • Service and repair costs are reduced.
  • HHigh efficiency level maintained in continuous operation – the system’s efficiency falls if the temperature exceeds the ideal working temperature.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Integrated circulation pump.
  • Low pressure drop and high cooling capacity.