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Hoses and Fittings

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EO Tubes Clamps

  • Series A from 6 to 57.15mm tube O.D.
  • Series B (twins clamps) from 6 to 42mm tube O.D.
  • Series C from 8 to 219.1mm tube O.D.


  • Polypropylene
  • On requet polyamide 6 or aluminium
Hydraulic Tubing

  • Seamless tube according to DIN 2391
  • Material : steel and stainless steel
  • Sizes : tubes from 6 to 42mm O.D.
  • Working pressure : up to 700 bar (Depending on tube O.D. and wall thickness)
Parker Steel Adaptors

  • Sizes : 1/8″ to 1 1/2″
  • Thread : NPTF, BSPP, UNF
  • Working pressure : up to 6000 PSI (depending on sizes)
  • Material : steel and stainless steel
Parkrimp No-Skive

  • Parkimp a system base on Parkimp Hose, Fittings and Tooling, allows you to crimpt flexible hoses with complete safety, but without skiving the cover
  • Construction : Stynthetic rubber tube and cover, 1 to 6 layers of high tensile steel
  • Dimensions : Size -4 to -32
  • Assemblies : SAE J343/DIN 20024/20066
  • Working pressure : up to 34.5 MPa at size -32
  • Temperature range : -50°C to +149°C
  • Specifications : DIN 20022 ISN/2SN, DIN 20023
EO Tube Bending and Cutting Tools

  • Tube cutting tool Av 6/42
  • Combined tube cutting and bending tool BAV 6/12
  • Tube bending tool BV 6/18 for tubes with O.D from 6 to 18mm
  • Tube bending tool BV 20/25 for tubes with O.D from 20 to 25mm
  • Programmable tube bending tool BVP 6/18 providing for exact repetition of bending operations for several identical tube bends from 6 to 18mm tube O.D
Tube Fittings
EO Progressive
Ring Fittings

  • These safe high pressure fittings are used in all fields of hydraulics. A Wide range of different design allows individual use.
  • Product range :
    • Series L from 6 to 42mm tube O.D
    • Series S from 6 to 38mm tube O.D
  • Material :
    • Steel(stainless steel see EO-DUR fittings)
  • Working pressure :
    • Series L max. 315 bar
    • Series X max. 630 bar
Quick couplers
Industrial Quick

  • These quick couplings wuth durable ball locking mechanism offer a high flow capacity due to the special Parker valve
  • Material : Zinc plated steel-brass-303 or 316 stainless steel
  • Sizes : 1/8″ to 2 1/2″
  • Threads : NPTF-BSPP
  • Maximum operating pressure : up to 350 bar
The New FittingsThe new EO-2 fittings genertion has
the following special features :

  • The tube sealing and holding functions have been separated
  • Elastomeric soft seal
  • “Dual function nut”-a new design element

By separating the sealing and holding functions, it has been possible to optimise both elements

JIC 37° Fittings

  • Triple-Lok is a universal 37(Derajat) flared fitting for medium pressure applications. Usable with either metric or inch size tubes, or hoses
  • Material : Steel and stainless steel
  • Sizes : Tube O.D. 6 to 42mm (1/4″ to 1 1/2″)
  • Pipe threads : UNF, NPTF, BSPP, metric ISO 6149 and DIN 3852
  • Working pressure : up to 350 Bar
  • Standards : SAE J514, ISO 8434-2
Banjo fittings WH and THThis series supplements the SWVE
series for medium working pressures and
should be used for all new systems.Advantages :

  • Compact design in elbow and T versions
  • Extended range of applications due to increase in the working pressures and availability in special materials such as stainless steel material no. 1.4571 and brass (CuZn35Ni2) as well as the standard steel versions
  • Simplified assembly and improved sealing, also a choice of seals
  • For the sealing of male studs either by sealing rings KDS with vulcanized soft saling (NBR) or by hardened sealing rings (DKA)
  • Sealing between hollow bolt and body is achieved by an internal O-ring made of NBR (e.g. buna N) or, on request, of FPN (e.g. Vilton) in addition a metalic seal by cutting face on the hexagen of the hollow bolt.
  • Good low flow resistance values due to optimum internal contours and use of hollow bolts with cross hole drilling. Measured values on request

Materials and surface protection :

  • Zinc-plated yellow chromated steel (A3C). Stainless steel material on. 1.4571 as well as brass cuZn35Ni2
EO Swivel Nut Fittings

  • Adjustable fittings with DIN 3865 O-rings seal
  • Compatible with DIN 3861/ISO
  • 8434 fittings and the EO range of weld nipples
  • Product range :
    • Series L from 6 to 42mm tube o.d.
    • Series S from 38mm tube o.d.
  • Material : steel (stainless steel and brass on request)
  • Working pressure :
    • Series L max. 325 bar
    • Series S max. 630 bar